Social Security Planning Advisor Programs

Are you an advisor trying to increase or retain your baby boomer clients in the 55 to 65 age group? Did you know that the average American relies on Social Security for 40% to 60% of their retirement income and 25% of Americans rely on this for 100% of their retirement income. What if we could help your clients increase their annual Social Security retirement income in some cases an extra $4,000 to $30,000 a year? Social Security as a government entity can legally only answer questions they cannot give advice. With over 2,700 regulations that oversee this complex retirement, disability and life insurance benefit what are your clients missing out on because they do not know the right questions to ask.

Sadly, almost 50% of retirees take Social Security at age 62 without knowing fully on what they are giving up. Pulling before your full retirement age and still working can come with several nasty surprises.  Taking retirement benefits at age 62 is a permanent 23% to 30% reduction in retirement income for the rest of their life and that of their spouse if married. We help you and your client understand how to maximize this important retirement benefit. If you have ever gone online or called Social Security directly it can be confusing and have conflicting information.

We work with financial advisors, planners, insurance agents, CPA’s and wealth managers.  Do you have limited knowledge around Social Security? We are here to help you on this specific important retirement income piece with customized Social Security Planning.

We offer two options to work with you and your clients.

  • First we can set up a special code that you can provide to your clients and direct them to our site. They will pay us directly. You will be set up in our CRM system and we will forward the final customized plan options to you and your client that you can use to integrate with your overall financial planning.
  • Secondly you can pay us directly and build into your fee based practice the cost of the planning and bill your clients directly.

For larger groups or companies we can set up a custom landing page and 800# to keep within your branding.  We also can do live talks or webinars on the basics of Social Security for advisors and or your clients.

Email for more information.