Client Stories: Alan Wilson

Client Stories: Alan Wilson | Social Security Benefit Planners

I’m 59 my wife is 65. She’s past the age of starting Social Security early and I’m approaching it, so we started wondering what we should be doing around planning. We’re aware that if you don’t do Social Security right, it could cost you a lot of retirement income.

I manage a blog that is targeted toward Baby Boomers and their finances and was doing some research and when I came across Faye. She helped us understand what FRA really meant (full retirement age). She put together a plan for us. She showed us the difference that FRA really makes. Now we know that next year when my wife’s at FRA, she’ll take Social Security at that point so that we have the cash that we can put away, about $47K more a year additional than we would have if we’d elected earlier.

Ignorance can cost you a lot of money. Faye showed us how Medicare could be affected by when we took our Social Security and showed us what made the most sense for our immediate and future needs. I really can’t say enough good things about her.