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Should You Take Social Security As Soon As You Qualify?

Faye Sykes

Faye Sykes, Retirement Planner, NSSA, CLTC

Believe it or not, you might be better off postponing your Social Security. Who knew! Not to mention the many lesser-known but incredibly powerful benefits that you may qualify for outside of the standard retirement benefits.

Social Security Benefit Planners offers customized planning centered around your unique situation, shining a light on options you never knew you had and helping you decide when to take them for the greatest benefit. Ready to discover yours?

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Do You Qualify for Additional Benefits?

With over 2,700 regulations that govern Social Security, it’s not surprising that few people know they qualify for so much more or understand how to get the most from the program.

Not knowing can cause you and your family to miss out on the much-needed benefits you deserve. SSBP can uncover hidden benefits and show you ways to maximize your retirement income through custom plans that can include:

  • Scenario analysis
  • Earnings testing
  • Coordination of spousal, divorce and widower benefits
  • Tax projections
  • Pre-retirement projections
  • Personalized strategic plan
  • And more…

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