No matter what State you live in Social Security Planners can help you maximize your retirement income benefits

Social Security Benefit Planners (SSBP) can help you maximize your benefits no matter where you live. With over 2,700 regulations governing Social Security, it’s not surprising that few people know they qualify for so much more. Our team of financial experts and researchers look at your individual life circumstances to create a report detailing your options, and help you create a strategic plan to make the most of those options. Ready to discover what you actually qualify for?

Social Security Benefit Planners covers every State.

Anyone of the 50 States in the United States that qualifies for Social Security and for ex-patriots living or working overseas. Social Security has over 2,700 regulations that work the same way in all states. On the state level there are 13 that do tax Social Security benefits.

We Help More Than Just Retirees

Many different circumstances could qualify you and your family for Social Security benefits. Here are just a few examples of those we’ve assisted:

  • A woman whose older ex-husband had been collecting Social Security was able to file for benefits for their mutual biological minor child – delivering almost $150k of support over the next nine years.
  • A recently married couple in their 60s was able to draw spousal benefits that increased their current income by nearly $13k per year, while still delaying filing for the wife’s benefits until age 70, when they will be at their highest level.
  • A woman who was able to pull an extra $300 per month in benefits based on her deceased ex-spouse’s Social Security record, which she did not know she was entitled to draw on.
  • A grandfather who is the full-time caregiver for his 3 minor grandchildren was able to get almost $44K per year in family benefits, which helped keep the family intact.