Client Stories: Cari Horsey

Client Stories: Cari Horsey | Social Security Benefit Planners

I had been thinking about Social Security because I hadn’t worked in 20 years and was about to hit 62 and was worried about what would be happening. I was listening to folks on YouTube, but wanted to find someone who really understand the rules, so I started looking around on the internet and came upon several websites. I found the SSBP website and listened to Faye’s podcasts. She seemed to know what she’s talking about. I showed my husband and he agreed we should reach out to her.

She showed us three different alternatives for taking Social Security and we were able to look at each of those to see how we could file to get the most benefits. We didn’t realize taking it too early could be a such a huge loss of income.

Working with Faye was fantastic. She showed us different options for how we could take our Social Security and we looked at each carefully to see what made sense for us. There were aspects about it we didn’t realize and they only came to light thanks to Faye.