Client Stories: Elizabeth Larkin

Client Stories Social Security Benefit Planners Elizabeth Larkin

My new husband Ed and I were unsure on how best to take Social Security. Having just been married, we knew it could quickly get real confusing when taking our newly combined circumstances into account.

We hired Social Security Benefit Planners to help us make sense of everything and were elated when they identified how we qualified for vast increases in our Social Security benefits. Ed has already been claiming Social Security for the last few years and I just was turning 66. Faye and her team informed us that I was grandfathered in under the old laws and could receive a half spousal benefit from Ed’s benefits, allowing me to delay my own benefits until age 70 and still get the eight percent increase annually.

The benefits are over $1,400 per month! To say that income comes in handy is an understatement. We highly recommend to anyone trying to understand when and how to take their Social Security to reach out to Social Security Benefit Planners!