Client Stories: Laura Wilkinson Sinton

Client Stories Laura Wilkinson Sinton | Social Security Benefit Planners

As my husband and I got closer to retirement, we realized we hadn’t really factored Social Security into it. We had been getting the statements but didn’t know what they meant. We didn’t realize there could be a strategy for taking Social Security benefits – we thought it was a static thing where you could get just one amount.

Everyone is living longer, healthier lives and we wanted to plan for that. We went to Faye to help us with our Social Security planning and her guidance was invaluable. She helped us look at different scenarios and how each would impact our Social Security. She just helped clarify everything and really opened our eyes to the fact that when you retire really affects your benefits. The later that I postponed my retirement, the more I would receive.

Social Security is so confusing and over your lifetime it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars you’re missing out on. Hiring Faye is the best financial planning money we’ve spent. She’s like a Sherpa who helped us climb up the huge mountain of information on Social Security.