Client Stories: Livia Borrero

Client Stories Livia Borrero | Social Security Benefit Planners

At the age of 67 I had not completed any retirement planning and Social Security was overwhelming to even think about. I attended a presentation on retirement planning where Faye was a guest speaker specifically on Social Security planning. What she presented was exactly what I needed.

We decided to work with Faye, and she streamlined the process in a way that put us at ease. She provided Social Security retirement income options that armed us with the knowledge on the best time for us to receive benefits and how long we needed to keep working. It made my husband and I feel comfortable about our retirement plans.

Before Social Security Benefit Planners, I didn’t know if we could even retire and if we would have to work until we just dropped dead. Our information was analyzed, including our income, our savings, ways to maximize social security, pensions and parameters around what to expect for income replacement. We were surprised to learn we were grandfathered in under the old laws, which resulted in finding about $6K more a year than we would have had otherwise.

The best part of working with Faye is that she makes it very clear and very simple to understand and she’s personable and likable. For us, it’s important to feel comfortable with the person we’re trusting to guide us. It’s a joy working with her. She’s always there for you and is very responsive. I’m just really happy we found her.