Client Stories: Marco L.

Client Stories: Marco L. | Social Security Benefit Planners

There were a couple of things that prompted me to begin thinking about what to do about my Social Security retirement. First, I’ve been legally separated from my wife for several years and she would threaten that she would take half of my Social Security.

That was a big driver, to find out what was reality and what was just a threat. Second, I wanted to know what to expect income wise after I retired and when would be the most optimal time for me to retire.

Meeting with Faye, she set me straight and lifted a weight off me on what was a true risk and reality. It was incredibly enlightening, and they made me feel much better with my new clarity. Faye also showed me the best age for electing to take my Social Security retirement income. I’m in good health and in the most productive years of my life and I enjoy what I’m doing, so continuing to work to that optimal age works for me. By working to the recommended age, it means an extra $30K more a year than if I’d opted to retire earlier!