Client Stories: Mike Hibbard

Client Stories: Mike Hibbard | Social Security Benefit Planners

When it comes to Social Security, I read a lot and I looked into it and thought it was complicated. The decision process on deciding when to pull it had so many factors. I had been planning to go to the Social Security office to discuss enrolling for my benefits, but then I met Faye. Just a short conversation with her convinced me to cancel my meeting and hire her.

As it turns out some of the rules had changed based around your birth year, and it was confusing. Plus, Medicare is linked to it and if you don’t do things at just the right time, things can get skewed. She’s advised me to wait as long as I can, and if I do, it means about $36K more a year in benefits that will come my way than if I take it earlier.

Faye is committed to educating her clients and the public at large. Not only did she help me uncover opportunities available to me that I was unaware of, she fully explained the Why behind it.