Client Stories: Tyler Franks

Client Stories: Tyler Franks | Social Security Benefit Planners

Social Security was something that was always in the back of my mind, never quite close enough to be a real consideration. When I turned sixty, I started thinking about it more seriously. I wasn’t necessarily worrying about getting every last penny, but I definitely wanted to know my options, so I could intelligently make the complex decision.

I knew Faye from networking and I knew she was capable of running a number of Social Security scenarios. More importantly, she could dig down into the answers to questions that my wife and I could not even imagine.  It’s really a classic case of “not knowing what we do not know.”  After Faye ran the first couple of requested scenarios, she offered suggestions that we hadn’t considered. Faye knew all of the different options that we would never have stumbled onto in a Google search.

In one of the scenarios, Faye showed us that by maximizing our plan we could get $27,000 more per year than by electing retirement benefits earlier. That was significant. We’re still planning and haven’t locked down into any particular scenario just yet, but now we have everything at our fingertips and when we get to decision time, it will be that much easier to choose our path.