Client Stories: Laurie Linville

Client Stories Laurie Linville Social Security Benefit Planners

Laurie Linville is a successful CPA who’s always on the lookout for valuable information she can use to help her clients. When she heard that Faye Sykes was speaking on Social Security benefits planning, she decided to attend, with the hopes of learning something she could pass on to clients. What she didn’t expect was to learn something that could help in her own life. “I went to Faye’s Social Security seminar to learn a bit more about these benefits, even though I was decades away from receiving them myself,” Laurie explains. “As I was listening it occurred to me that my child’s father was receiving Social Security and that my 10-year-old daughter had eligibility that might not impact the benefits he received.”

Following the event she met with Faye, who researched and created a Social Security benefits plan based on the benefits available to Laurie’s daughter. Because the father was over the age of 62 and drawing Social Security Retirement Insurance, as his dependent, Laurie’s child was entitled to receive the equivalent of one-half the amount of his benefits each month. In total, Laurie’s daughter will receive close to $120,000 in benefits – all tax free!

The dependent benefits that Social Security Benefit Planners identified have helped relieve some of the pressure on their overall budget. “These funds go toward my daughter’s private school expenses and competitive swimming training. She’ll continue to receive benefits until either her 18th birthday or she graduates from high school – whichever comes first,” says Laurie.