Client Stories: Linda Brummel

Linda Social Security Retirement Income Planning

As Linda Brummel and her husband, Dick, neared retirement, they began researching on the internet to try to understand their options for handling Social Security. Unfortunately, their diligence wasn’t paying off. “It was very confusing and consumed a lot of time that we would rather have been spending on other things, like enjoying our grandchildren,” says Linda. When they moved from Chicago to Atlanta, they were referred to Social Security Benefit Planners and immediately set up an appointment to see if the experts could offer any help.

Right away, Linda and Dick were impressed with the immense knowledge that the SSBP team had about the complex Social Security program as well as the ease of the planning process. Linda describes how simple it was to complete: “Faye sat down with my husband and me and went over all of our options. She answered all of our questions in a manner that we could understand and went right to work.”

They quickly received several customized suggestions tailored to meet their needs and optimize their benefits. Linda reports happily, “They were very responsive and timely, had great communication and were very organized!” After completing the process, Linda and Dick not only gained the answers they were looking for, but also got back the leisure time they had missed, along with a newfound confidence that they were making smart choices to maximize their retirement income.