Client Stories: Nancy Chorpenning

Nancy Social Security Retirement Income Planning

Nancy Chorpenning is no stranger to navigating complex issues. She is a business consultant and entrepreneur with years of experience in executive management for companies that range from Fortune 500 corporations to wildly successful startups. Despite her wide-ranging expertise, finding the answers she needed for solid social security and retirement planning seemed impossible. “Speaking with the Social Security Administration was simply one frustration after another,” she explains. “We have a slightly complicated situation as my husband was a widower when we married (after he was 60). We couldn’t find information anywhere to help navigate anything out of the ordinary.”

After trying to get the answers she needed online, via telephone and even by visiting the social security office itself, which required a substantial time investment, she was left with conflicting information and no clear idea of the couple’s projected benefits. “We just didn’t know! We also didn’t understand whether or not we both got our benefits, or how to time them since my husband will retire first.” She learned her longtime friend and business contact, Faye Sykes, had begun assisting others with their social security planning and decided to reach out to her. Nancy reports, “The process was a breeze! We had a conference phone appointment so both of us could participate from work. Following the call, we quickly got a report that showed us the various scenarios and all our options. If we’d started with Faye’s group first, we’d have saved ourselves so much time and unnecessary bureaucratic grief.”

Suddenly the couple had the clarity they needed: “We both planned to max out the age at which we receive benefits, and we saw vividly just how dramatic an impact that can have. We know now that even if something goes awry with our other investments, social security will be sufficient for a comfortable retirement. That peace of mind is inestimable.” In addition, they learned that Nancy’s husband was entitled to his late wife’s benefits, which provides $13K a year until he begins to draw his own benefits. She says, “These benefits are helping us today, not four years from today. The investment in our social security planning has paid off more than we could have anticipated and we are grateful for the help of Social Security Benefit Planners.”